Anonymous said: Agegap!jongyu anon here. Sorry about the prompt, what if they are neighbours and jonghyun is a teenager when he meets the little neighbour jinki(10-12 years old) and adores him instantly. he sometimes babysits him and watches him grow.


Jonghyun is seventeen when he’s conscripted into watching the neighbor’s kid for the first time.

He takes the babysitting job knowing that it’ll be easy money- how hard can it be to watch a twelve-year-old for a few hours every other weeknight? His parents are pleased that he has a job and is apparently developing a work ethic. Jonghyun is pleased that he has money of his own to spend on taking his current girlfriend out to dinner.

What he doesn’t expect is to actually wind up liking the kid. Jonghyun had expected to reach some kind of understanding with his new charge- the kid doesn’t misbehave and give Jonghyun any trouble, and Jonghyun might find himself convinced to once in a while bend a few of the kid’s parents’ rules- like bedtimes, for example- and that would be that. Mutual tolerance, no more.

But, no, little Lee Jinki has to somehow be both painfully cute and infuriatingly perfect.

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SHINee // Replay Rap Version

33/50 - 샤이니


SHINee at UMF Korea

Our precious babies were once so young ..
We changed and grew up together for five memorable years, I wonder what the future brings us now .. 


SHINee’s ‘accident’ during their ‘Dream Girl’ comeback stage.

Selene - Key


I never really wrote this to post it. It was one of those things I just wrote to get some of my own anger and mental clutter off of my chest.

This is an old story; I wrote it last year. A lot of what’s in it doesn’t really even apply anymore. I just really needed to go ahead and push this out because I needed the weight of it out of my life.



"I don’t blame you for taking me for granted, for forgetting about me, because it’s happened with many people along the way. I guess this all just hurts because it’s you, and I never thought you’d join them."


“Good morning, my love.”He sends a text, and you just sort of stare at the screen. It’s been weeks. Weeks and you know he’s been busy, but you just… “I’m sorry it’s been so long. I was on vacation with my family. Ugh. You know how that is. 10/10 would not recommend.”

You can tell that he’s trying to play off like nothing’s happening, like there’s no rift between the two of you. Like he’s still here, like he’s never left, like he’s never disappeared. And that hurts. You want to roll your eyes and throw your phone away, you don’t want to answer him. But at the same time, after nearly eight years… 

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